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No matter where you are in London, there will always be legal help on hand for you to settle any issues. For online legal advice, see more.

Solving your legal problems

The work of a solicitor is by all means varied and is not the same. It depends on the area of law which is practiced. Off Shore is a law firm based in Manchester, contact Off Shore.

Although solicitors provide advice over the phone, email or face-to-face meetings, many can represent clients in court too. A solicitor is able to do this as they can also be advocates in the courts o f law; this is through gaining higher rights of audience.

See below a list of solicitors:

  1. Criminal Defence Solicitors London
  2. Employment Law
  3. No Win No Fee Compensation Claims

What is a private detective to you?

People have the perception that a private detective is a profession of fantasy and fiction. Yet, they have to be trained and experienced in what they do as it takes a highly skilled individual to obtain sufficient information.

They are often hired by law firms, corporations and individuals to find out the truth regarding a situation.  Services include tracing, surveillance, background checking and due diligence.

Hire London’s leading team

The reasons for hiring a private investigator are endless, but many corporations use them to check on their employees. Find out the cost of a London detective, click here.

An investigator will have to undergo intense training where they learn the knowledge and skills to handle numerous cases.

It is also important that when any investigations take place, they have to be ethical and legal to ensure it is lawful. You can ask your private detective for their qualifications.

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