Home Made Wills


Home -made Wills can be disastrous: for example omitting to cover the position if the main beneficiary does not survive; failing to take advantage of the nil-rate band (see below); referring to assets which are not owned on the death. All are reasons why you should have your Will drafted by a properly qualified professional.

You can provide for specific funeral arrangements (i.e. burial, cremation, or the use of your body for medical research).

You can safeguard your minor children’s interests by appointing legal guardians to care for them if both husband and wife have died e.g. in an accident.

You can appoint Executors to deal with your estate in the event of your death and hold property on trust for example during a beneficiary’s minority. These Executors have a very important role to play and should be business-minded family or friends and/or professional advisers. To some extent executors can act before grant of probate.

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