Estate Planning Advice & Common Issues


We can advise on estate planning issues particularly relevant to older clients where there is a desire to preserve assets for the next generation. We can advise on the options available to protect assets from Inheritance Tax as well as long term care fees and the related issues (Please see our section on Estate Planning and notes on why make a trust?

Is your estate protected? We can recommend trusted professionals in your area to ensure that all aspects of your building are secure and safe. We work with roofing contractors, building surveyors, carpenters and many other professionals that can ensure that your assets are preserved.

It is also a good idea to think about who you would wish to manage your financial affairs whilst you are living should you ever be unable to do so yourself. This is not just for mental incapacity, but also should you be physically unable to deal with your affairs through illness or following an accident. You can appoint the person of your choice using an Enduring Power of Attorney (please see our notes on why make a will) and this can take effect straight away or only when you are incapable of dealing with your affairs for whatever reason.

If you wish, you may appoint a professional adviser to be your attorney, although we would recommend you also appoint a friend or relation to deal with your affairs on a day to day basis. We have considerable experience in giving advice to attorneys on the legal and practical aspects of their role and, where necessary, making applications to the Court of protection on their behalf.

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